October 1, 2008

Hacking Friendster: Grabbing Background Picture

ok.. you found out this topic, so that mean you might want to try it later. It's not a big deal to grab somebody background picture in Friendster even if their profile is private 'coz we are not going to tell the owner of that profile that we want to grab their background. heh!..

the purpose of this tutorial is to show you, the reader and of course you are one of the Friendster member. But, still you can use this tutorial to grab someone 'cool' bacground picture.

first of, go and find someone Friendster ID or profile that have cool background or you can go to your friends page and see if you like their background. if the answer is YES, then keep reading. If the answer is NO, then browse some other article in this Blog.

OK.. keep reading!!

For example, i will use someone Friendster ID. ( And of course, this is not my Friendster ID. it's someone that i don't even know who. lOl!!)

suppose that this is your friends ID: http://profiles.friendster.com/20224556

ok.. we go to that page. Now, go to View and click Page Source

Now, press CTRL+F and type image:url
now, the words are higlighted. what we need are the sentence after the url. where, in this tutorial, the words after URL, and inside the bracket is this: http://realpapa.ru/daily/syshack.JPG
***INFO: By now, the owner of this FS ID might have change his/her layout. So the background picture must have change too.

Copy the URL inside the bracket. (do not copy the bracket!!)

go to your browser and paste it in the adress bar. VOILLA!!! you got your picture.
to save that picture, just right-click and click Save image as..


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