October 31, 2008

How to delete your Gmail Account

To cancel a Gmail account and delete the associated Gmail address:

* Go to Google Account Settings.
* Follow the Edit link next to My products.
* Click Delete Gmail Service under Delete a Service.
o You can also choose Close account and delete all services and info associated with it to remove your entire Google account (including your search history, Google Docs, iGoogle page, AdWords and AdSense as well as other Google services).
* Make sure Yes, I want to permanently delete deletemememetoo@gmail.com and remove from my Google account. is checked.
* Enter an alternative email address under New email address.
o Gmail will already have entered the secondary address you used when creating the Gmail account.
o The alternative email address becomes your new Google account user name.
o Make sure you enter an email address to which you have access. You need that access to complete deleting your Gmail account.
* Enter your Gmail password under Current password.
* Click Remove Gmail.
* Open the "Gmail Removal Confirmation" email from "accounts-noreply@google.com" at the email address you specified as your new.
* Follow the deletion link in it.
* Type your Gmail password under Password:.
* Click Verify.
o Keep in mind that you cannot undo this step.

People who mail your old Gmail address will get back a delivery failure message. Make sure you announce a new or alternate old address where desired.


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