February 13, 2010

moviexplayer - A scam software

Recently, i download some preview movie using p2p program specifically ARES. It took a few days to finish and eat some of my internet bandwidth.

When the download complete, i try to open it but the movie is not playing correctly. All it display is the stupid advertisement to download some software in order to play the movie.

Go to their website and you will be presented with this stupid ads!

Guess what, this 'software' has it's own fans, see the pic below.


Please, do not buy or pay for this shitty software. They will only plant a spyware or some stupid virus in your computer to STEAL your personal info such as CREDIT CARD or banking info.

For those who already installed this software, use YourUninstaller to get rid of this stupid software. Update you antivirus and full scan your computer.

** If you had pay the money using paypal, simply put make a 'dispute' with your transaction. It will cancel their account and force them to give back your money.

** Never use p2p software such as ARES to download movie from p2p site. I recommend you go to fenopy, thePirateBay, or ISOhunt to download some movie

** DO read the comments before downloading the movie.

** These scammer will use famous ripper name/group such as aXXo, klaXXon, FXG, and other famous ripper group. But i think aXXo will not rip movie anymore.

ONCE again, never pay for this sofware. It is advisable for you to use the money to buy original DVD than buying this crap software.

If you are reading this, please spread it to your friend or family to avoid them getting scam by this fool.