November 24, 2014

Its time to upgrade your travelling bag. See why!

Easily open your locked bag without too much effort

Most travel bag usually come with a locking mechanism but this locking thing can be easily defeated or can be easily BYPASSED.

How the bypassing works

It works by peeling off the zip by using a pen, knife or whatever it is that can be use to peel the zip. Once the zip is peeled off, the perpetrator can steal any valuable things from your bag WITHOUT BREAKING YOUR LOCK OR BAG.
And the most shocking thing about this is, you wont suspect anything until you arrive at your destination and open your bag.

How can we avoid this?

As the video suggest, you can use a hard case bag with a normal padlock to lock it to avoid the use of zip.

I'm not using this kind of lock. I'm using the rotational number.

This too can be easily bypassed but with a different method. AND IT IS SO EASY TOO!

November 11, 2014

reset firefox newtab with unknown url

Some software downloaded from the internet come bundle with crapware (crap shitty software) that does nothing but inject your browser or any software from your computer with ad-ware. A malicious code to serve you ads that you don't want to.

This injection escalate to make your browser open an unknown URL and there is no setting to remove it. The only way to remove it is via the browser configuration file. Not the setting from the toolbar.

search conduit is one of the famous URL injected to your browser.

For Firefox, type about:config in the address bar. If you encounter any error, simple accept and proceed.

next, in the search box, type, browser.newtab.url. This will narrow down the config list. Double-click the browser.newtab.url below, a dialog box will pop up, and delete everything inside it then click OK. You can also set this to your preferred or favorite website.

Your browser will go back to normal every time you open a new tab.

August 7, 2014

Remove excel password without the password

Sometime we protect our Excel spreadsheet to make it easier for sharing and of course, to prevent us and anyone to make a silly mistake and delete all the formula in a cell.

June 2, 2014

Keep your IP Address to yourself - Use ULTRASURF

One of the concern for Internet users are Safety. But no matter how expensive you paid for your security suite, in the end of the day, the human element still plays the most important part for your safety. As most security expert says, the weakest link in security are human.