June 2, 2014

Keep your IP Address to yourself - Use ULTRASURF

One of the concern for Internet users are Safety. But no matter how expensive you paid for your security suite, in the end of the day, the human element still plays the most important part for your safety. As most security expert says, the weakest link in security are human.
All computer virus share the same characteristic, that is, to know your computer physical location, or the IP Address of your computer. As an example, Spam email. Most spam email will contain one or more links to certain website. For a beautifully crafted spam email, it will contain only one link and most of are a link that you can recognize immediately. Mostly banking website or social network website.
An example of pure spam email, mainly Quick Rich scheme

Spam email has only two main purpose, that is to phish your personal info or to know your location via IP Address. This post will not cover phising but will only cover on how to conceal your real IP Address.
An example of a Phishing Email
Do not click any link when you receive an email. Be very sure that the sender are from a trusted user or sources. It is very easy to avoid your IP Address known by a third party unknown individual.

You can choose from a variety of method.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

This is the most preferred way as a mean of encrypting your traffic and also to conceal your real IP Address. Although, it does require a little bit of investment and some very little technical knowledge.

Proxy Server

This are also a very good method and often, this come for FREE. But you need to look for a high anonymity proxy server. Nowadays, this kind of server are becoming more popular as a mean to hide your real IP Address. One of the many software that I highly recommend is, Ultrasurf.

What is Ultrasurf

Ultrasurf are a tool created by Ultrareach Internet Corp., a small group of Silicon Valley engineers. Its main purpose are to protect your online surfing by a mean of hiding your real IP Address and being assigned to one of their private proxy address. This way, you can circumvent any censoring or blockade by your ISP or even your government and stay anonymously on the Internet.

Why use Ultrasurf

This tool, not only conceal your location (IP Address) but help you bypassed any firewall or website filtering. Plus, this tool are FREE.

Where can I get this tool

You can got to their website and download the latest version of their software or download from here, the direct download link of the latest version.

How to use this

Simply download and extract the downloaded file, and run the file inside. It is usually named uxxxx.exe where xxxx is the latest version number. It will automatically connect you to their proxy server. If you watch the video from their website, the narrator will tell you only Internet Explorer will work but as the development goes on and the way how other browser set their proxy connection, you can also use this tool with other browser. To test if you are connecting through their server, simply check your IP Address and compare it to the help page, the first time you run the program.

As a rule of thumb, when using this kind of tool, you end up putting 100% of your trust for the tool creator to not log any of your surfing activity. To gain some special privilege, you have to give up other privilege.

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