September 21, 2009

Facebook Smiley Icon (emoticon) in Chat space

A list of Facebook emoticon and short-cut.

to activate the emoticon, simply type the short-cut in the chat space and press ENTER. You wont see the short-cut but instead, you'll see some emoticon.


:-* - kiss

^_^ - “kiki”

-_- - squint

O.o - confused confused facebook

>:O - upset confused facebook

:v - Pacman pacman facebook

:|] - robot robot facebook

:) - happy happy facebook

:( - sad sad facebook

:P - tongue tongue facebook

:D - grin grin facebook

:O - gasp gasp facebook

;) - wink wink facebook

8) - glasses glasses facebook

B) - sunglasses glasses facebook

:3 - cute/cat-like cute cat like facebook

>:( - grumpy grumpy facebook

:/ - unsure unsure facebook

:’( - cry

3:) - devil

O:) - angel

:putnam: - Chris Putnam (Facebook Engineer)putnam facebook

September 18, 2009

Proxy Script

There are a lot of proxy script available on the net but i love to use this one, Glype Proxy script.

Glype proxy script is light and has a very simple web interface. Plus, you can choose to save or delete cookies from the server.

you can get Glype in here >>

How To Use?
If you lost or don't know how to use this script, refer to the ReadMe section that included in the packages.

to put it simply, the packege contain two(2) folder: upload and Extras.

The most important thing is the Upload folder. upload all the content of this folder to your webserver and you can start using it right away.

For advanced user, you can also upload all the file from the Extras folder to your web server too.


When you upload the files from the Extras folder, make sure you upload it in the same place where you upload the content from the Upload folder.

Meaning, all file from both folder will be at the location when you upload it to your web server.

After that, happy Proxying!!

September 5, 2009

Saving Photobucket picture and album

This topic has been discussed on many blog and website but i decided to write it on my own experience. I asked my friend to give some photo and told him to email it to me but it is to big to be emailed. So i asked hime to upload it to some free file hosting but he refuse because the number of download is limited and the file will be gone before i knew it. so, he upload all his 250 picture to photobucket and give the link to his album.


And of course, i don't want to waste my time clicking and saving the picture one-by-one at a time. because if i do that, i'll have to open 250 pages of picture. WOOooOOO!!!!

Luckily, i encounter this one tutorial about downloading the whole album from photobucket but sadly, it's outdated.

so, i made a few tweak to the tutorial and voiLLa.. i manage to download all of the picture in about 1 minute.

Follow this tutorial...

Getting the ALBUM link
If you have some friends who had uploded their picture on Photobucket, you should ask them about the link to their album.

or, if juz want to download some picture from other people album (a total stranger to you).
basically, you can use the search function in photobucket or just use the readily-made-for-you tags.

when you click the tags or use the search function, you will be presented by the result

when you hover to one of the picture, it will show you the author (the uploader) name color in blue.

[author name]

the author's name can be used as the album link to. if you click the name, you'll be redirected the album. here, you will see the picture he/she has uploaded.

[uploaded picture]

to download all the picture in the current album or all picture uploaded by the author, first you should get this Add-ons (FIREFOX 3.0 and above only) called DownThemAll

ok, when you done adding the add-ons you are good to go.

Downloading the Album

Go to the album, and reach the end of the document. Find the View All and click it.

[view all]

*** the view all link will only appear if the author has too many pictures to fit in one pages.

you can all add this at the end of the album URL: ?start=all

now, all the picture of the current album is fit into one pages.

next, go to end of the document and locate the feed for this album link.

[ feed for this album link ]

click the link and you get the feed of the album.

[Album Feed]

now, right-click on the pages and click. You'll see the DownThemAll menu in there.

click it and proceed to next screen

[down them all downloading picture]

and you are finish. DownThemAll will automatically download all the picture for you.

[downthemall screen]

Have Fun!!!