September 18, 2009

Proxy Script

There are a lot of proxy script available on the net but i love to use this one, Glype Proxy script.

Glype proxy script is light and has a very simple web interface. Plus, you can choose to save or delete cookies from the server.

you can get Glype in here >>

How To Use?
If you lost or don't know how to use this script, refer to the ReadMe section that included in the packages.

to put it simply, the packege contain two(2) folder: upload and Extras.

The most important thing is the Upload folder. upload all the content of this folder to your webserver and you can start using it right away.

For advanced user, you can also upload all the file from the Extras folder to your web server too.


When you upload the files from the Extras folder, make sure you upload it in the same place where you upload the content from the Upload folder.

Meaning, all file from both folder will be at the location when you upload it to your web server.

After that, happy Proxying!!

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