July 19, 2009

Hacking Administrator Password

strong password means it's hard to get cracked but require a little space in your brain. Sure thing, you don't want to make a memo and paste it in your drawer so that you won't forget it. Well, if you do that, there's no meaning of the strong password you created. (ZzZzzz)

i don't know if this works on Windows Vista but it works perfectly fine in Windows XP. Since the foundation of Vista is based on XP (~maybe), this might work in vista too.

there a several way that you can perform this trick.

#1 : Using CMD
let say you have this account name admin in your computer but you forgot the password.

Luckily, you have another account name user and it is not password protected.
Even more lucky, your computer can use Biometric to bypass the password at the cost of you swapping your finger to that biometric sensor.

Logon to user or use the biometric function and go to start > run and type cmd. next, type net user.

Vista users: go to start, type command prompt.

you should see a list of username that is available in your computer. to change the password or to reset the password, type net user [account] /random.

** [account] is the username you wished to change or reset the password.
E.g administrator

the /random function will give you a random password for that account.
Don't close the cmd yet. Go to Control Panel and go to user account

Here, you can change the password in a more memorable phrase.

The above step is just the same in this part except that in CMD, we won't use /random but using asterisk @ * instead.

just follow the above step where you login to your laptop/computer and go to start and then to Command Prompt.

this time, punch in this sentence: net user [account] *

it will prompt you to enter password without giving you some password. Bear in mind that, you won't see anything you type on the screen. JUST TYPE IT AND PRESS ENTER WHEN FINISH. Followed by the CONFIRMATION. I you see command completed successfully then you are good to go. Your new password is the one that you just enter.