November 24, 2014

Its time to upgrade your travelling bag. See why!

Easily open your locked bag without too much effort

Most travel bag usually come with a locking mechanism but this locking thing can be easily defeated or can be easily BYPASSED.

How the bypassing works

It works by peeling off the zip by using a pen, knife or whatever it is that can be use to peel the zip. Once the zip is peeled off, the perpetrator can steal any valuable things from your bag WITHOUT BREAKING YOUR LOCK OR BAG.
And the most shocking thing about this is, you wont suspect anything until you arrive at your destination and open your bag.

How can we avoid this?

As the video suggest, you can use a hard case bag with a normal padlock to lock it to avoid the use of zip.

I'm not using this kind of lock. I'm using the rotational number.

This too can be easily bypassed but with a different method. AND IT IS SO EASY TOO!

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