September 30, 2008

Hacking Friendster: Layout Code

suppose you have this fenomena:

1- one day, you sign-in to your favorite social network that is, Friendster.
2- on the next screen, you notice that your friend has just change their layout. And the layout are really awesome!!!
3- next thing is, you go to Google and try to look for that layout.
4- But sadly, you can't find it on google. well, there is stil an option to find it. That is to ask your friend.

But then, your friend might say that you want to copy his/her layout. And whats more, he/she refuse to give if to you.

well, here's some tutorial how to grab your friend 'cool layout'.

Step 1
Fire-up your Mozilla firefox. ( if you are reading this, then you already fire it up)

Step 2
go to Friendster and sign-in.

Step 3
Go to your friend Friendster URL and hit CTRL+U or direct your mouse to VIEW>PAGE SOURCE

Step 4
You'll see lots of scrap (and you don't even understand what it is. haha.. thats ok)

Step 5
find this words or code by pressing CTRL+F and type 'style type' and hit enter.

Step 6
The browser will highlight the word "style type".copy the code start from style to /style

Step 7
copy the code and paste it your CSS table in customization. (the one that you put code when you want to change your layout)

Last step
This will NOT work for Private profile. You can only do this with your friends Friendster ID or other public profile. Well, have fun with your Copy and paste layout code.

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