December 5, 2009

How to place image side by side

If you are a Blogger or MySpace user, you might have a thought like "How do i put two picture's side by side horizontally instead of stack up and down vertically?". Well, i do have the thought so here i'm sharing you this little trick to do the job.

There two ways you can do this.
1. Using the TABLE tag and
2. Simply put your IMG tag next to each other

I'm going to use this picture as an example.
Manga girl Manga sexy girl Ninja girl

As you can see, the picture is already side by side even when i didn't put any format.

I just simply put the link side by side like this:

<img src="#1" /> <img src="#2" />
Or you also can add the ALIGN tag in your IMG code

<img align="left" src="#1" /> <img align="left" src="#2" />

So, the picture will align themselves like this

Manga girlManga sexy girlNinja girl

But, this is only applicable if your is in a small width and height. It will not work if your picture has greate height and width

Plus, your source code/HTML code will too complicated for you to read for future reference.


To use TABLE to format your picture, simply use this following code:

<table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2"><tbody>
<img src="IMAGE URL 01" /> 
<img src="IMAGE URL 2" /> 
Where IMAGE URL is your image link.

This is the outcome of the code:

Manga girlManga sexy girlNinja girl

That's it, now you can make your picture go side by side

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