November 24, 2009

BUX TO - autoclicker and multiclicker is a PTC (Paid To Click) program where they offer you $0.01 for every click you make.

A lot of people have claim that this site is a scam but a lot of people too claim that they had been paid a few time. But i just request my payment ($450) and i'm still waiting for it because i know they take a lot of time to processed every payment.

This post will teach you how to make easy money with without CHEATING.

before you begin, you need a real account with ALERTPAY. What i mean a real account is, you must provide your real name, real address, and some banking info. Because if don't provide this information, you can't withdraw your money from Alertpay.

Sign-up a free account from alertpay

step 1
go to and register for account. put kuyau in the referral field and read the rest of this post to know why.

step 2
In firefox, navigate to tools and click Add-ons

when the Add-ons windows appear, go to Get add-ons tab and search for greasemonkey.

Install this add-on and you are ready for the next step.

When you finish installing the add-ons, go to and get the autoclicker. it's located here >> Click the green button that say install. Greasemonkey will automatically fetch the script.

step 3
Now, login to your account and watch the magic happen.

when you login, the script that you get from should automatically take you to the surf page. if it's not, then you can go there manually. click the surf ads and you can see that a timer appear and the script do all the clicking for you.

oh, you MUST allow pop-up from in order to use the script.


step 1
same as above, register an account at put kuyau in the referral field. you won't lose any of your income but increase a little.

A normal payout for every click you made is $0.01. but when you sign with that referral, every click you made worth $0.015.

step 2
ok, here's the trick.

login to your account as usual and go to surf ads
click on of the link and wait for to timer to expire (30 seconds). when the time expired, wait for the confirmation to appear. it will say done with a green check.

Now the fun part, in address bar, you'll see the link of the ads. like this

now, add 0 (zero) in front of the number. (like this)

the time start is ticking again! :D. now, wait again until expired and wait for the confirmation to appear.

When it appear, add 0 again in the address bar like this.

do this until you satisfied and move to the next ads.

ok, let's do some math.

if your current ad count is 10, your income is $0.10.
but, if you put 10 zero in front of every of your current ad count, one ad is worth $0.15
and you have 10 ads that means,
10 ads * 10 zero = 100 ads
100 ads * $0.015 = $1.50
your income for one week is $1.50 * 7 days = $10.50
your income for one month is $10.50 * 30 days = $315 
ow.. in just a month, you are ready to cash out your FREE MONEY!!!! is not that cheap. Everyday, they will give you 26 to 32 (max) ads for to click.

if you add 10 zero for 20 ads, that means your income for 25 ads is $3.75!!

That's a lot of money you get for just clicking and ads.


  1. I purchased referrals from

    I am earning $30 / day

  2. good for you, coz i' never purchase my referral. instead, i become premium. me and my referral both got the benefit.


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