June 19, 2009

How to Host Website From Home

Before the age of Broadband technology, no one ever think of hosting their website from their own home. Nowadays, almost every houses using broadband to access the internet. Whats more, all broadband technology using router to communicate with the ISP and of course, to go oline. In this tutorial, i'll show you how to set up your home-based server. And, it's a PRIVATE plus FREE!!

Web Hosting using the same computer as you use at home. The only difference is, their has more space i.e has a few hundred TB space compared to yours, only a few GB. Their computer has more powerful RAM plus powerful processor and a high-speed internet.

basically, to setup your own home-based-server, you'll need this:

1. Server client
2. computer
3. 24/7 internet connection

that's it. if you have all of that, you are good to go.

In this tutorial, i'm using:
1. Windows XP SP2
2. Apache webserver 2.2.11
3. Billion Bipac 5112s router

Download Apache Webser 2.2.11 from http://httpd.apache.org/.

Download the one that meet the requirement of your computer.

Install the Apache webserver. Just proceed with the install and fill up what necessary information if it ask you any.

You Finish. You can test your webserver by going to http://localhost.

You should see something in your browser instead of blank paga (white page).

next step: Configuring Your Router

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