January 23, 2010

How to cheat in Tumblebugs games

Tumblebugs is a game created by Wildfire Studio. A fun game to play where you shoot some color-ball to match the color of the other color-ball. When you have enough color-ball, the ball will explode and you earn points by exploding the ball. This game is very addicting especially for the youngster.

This tutorial will teach you how to cheat in this game.

To make your life infinity, simply play the as usual and complete one or two level (one level is enough).

when you advanced to the next level, leave the game and quit it. The game will save your current game for you.

Now, here how the magic work.
I assume that your home drive letter is C:.

This Tutorial is intended for Windows XP machine. 
But the step is the same with other 
machine running Windows Vista or Windows 7.
1. In My Computer, go to Tools > Folder Options.
2. Click the View tabs and scroll down until you see something like Hidden files and folders. check the radio button where it says "Show hidden files and folders".
3. Scroll down again and see if there's a check where it say's "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)". if there's a check, un-check it by clicking on the check box.
4. Now, click the ok button.

now, navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Wildfire. (ps: just copy paste this link).

right now, you should be at the Wildfire root data folder.
in this folder, you will see some xml and text files. We only interested on those xml files. those xml file is your save game. to edit this files, press windows logo + r to bring the run windows. or you can go to start and click run.

type notepad in the run text box and hit enter. Notepad windows will appear.

locate your Tumblebugs save game. to locate your own save game, see the name of the xml file. it will be something like xenoMorfArcade where xenoMorf is your in-game name.

Drag the file to notepad windows and a lot of rubbish will appear. we are only interested in a few lines.

go to line where it say
<lives value="xx"/>

where xx is current lives in the game. simply put any number you like here and save file.

The next time you play the, you can see that your number of life has changed to whatever you put in that line.

to make a million score, locate the line (in your xml save game) where it say
<score value="XXXXX"/>

where XXXXX is your current in-game score. Now, just change this to whatever number you like and you can see the magic happen in the game.

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